We’re at T minus 18 minutes and counting until Apple’s much anticipated announcement begins.  Of course the press is rife with speculation, everyone is doing this, everyone else is doing that, it’s going to be tokenization and authorization and sanitization…  ok, not so much the last one but it made for good looking (and sounding) copy!

Just give us the iPhone already.  If it’s got payments in it, great.  If not, that’s ok too.  The impact that Passbook without payments is poised to have via iBeacons is just insane.  It really is the biggest thing to hit physical merchants since the cash register.  And merchants who are using tablet mPOS cash registers are five steps ahead of the game with or without payments processing by Apple or anyone else on a phone.

More in a long line of articles devoted to how everyone is ready, and I guess has been sworn to secrecy but secretly getting ready, for the Apple payments onslaught.

Lol, what happens if there’s no payments?

Guess CVS and Walgreens will have upgraded for naught.