In the spirit of “we told you so week”, which is where this one seems to be going…  another update on the FTC’s new rules about native advertising, coupled with a bit of enforcing old rules.  

These are updates to commentary we previously slaved over writing for you!

FTC Offers Guidance on Native Ads – The Sky is Falling (Dec ’15) 

DotCom Disclosures – FTC Cracks Down on “Sponsored”  (This one goes all the way back to March ’13)

We keep telling you that if you don’t properly disclose and you get caught, you’re going to get a very expensive slap on the wrist.  Be warned, beware.

Lord & Taylor may have settled with the Federal Trade Commission on charges that it misled customers, both with a native ad violation in Nylon as well as 50 influencer posts on Instagram. But some experts think the FTC’s latest move may be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to policing the latest guidelines surrounding sponsored content, and reining in the fast-expanding world of influencers.

MediaPost weighs in with the rest of their opinion – click here. 

There’s plenty more to come down this pipeline; we really think they’re just getting started here.