Some commentary on the points in this article…

1. Consumers hate everything new, even if it’s free stuff.  That’s just the way they respond to surveys.  New is change, change is bad, no one wants change.  Oh, but wait…  if there’s a great deal to be had by changing, they’ll get on board.  Or stop their crying.  Either one equals the same end result.  Other surveys find that consumers are willing to be targeted as long as its in exchange for something they want.  Like a great deal.  Or directions to the most obscure product that no one ever wants in the store.

2.  How you phrase a question nearly always influences the answer.  77% of consumers find tracking unacceptable.  Of course they do!  No one, myself included, wants to feel like they are being ‘tracked’.  Or ‘hunted’.  Or ‘insert any negatively connotated adverb here’.  Who commissioned this study anyway?  The anti-trackers?  Someone from District 12?  Geez.

3.  Privacy advocates are still on the fence about assigning people addresses so they can get snail mail.  I’m not against privacy but I’m against stupid people who make a mountain out of a molehill.  Good grief, to get a notification from Apple (ehem, the creator of the iBeacon trademark) you have to install the Apple Store app (not to be confused with the Appstore, set the permissions to receive and then wait to see if you’ll get anything when you’re in the store.  Hardly a full frontal assault on a users privacy, eh?