As a former logistics director, I organized and coordinated large scale trade shows.

I know what goes on behind the scenes during the lead up to an event.  

All the planning and preparation falls short of what actually happens. Days are spent on the trade show floor, not admiring all the hard work and effort that goes into making a successful trade show but all the fires to put out during the two to three day event.

My mantra during these events: Make the attendees happy and the sponsors will be.

Yet, this is a fine line to walk during the trade show days.  When I worked a trade show, I put out the fires.

Not just during the event but prior to it, organizing logistics to make sure all the sponsors were happy and that the attendees received the most accurate information on hand by providing show guides with seminars and group or track explanations which are a valuable source to an attendee.

Keep the attendees happy as they spread the word on which trade shows succeed and fail – its all word of mouth.

Any director of a trade show will tell you that word of mouth is a priceless to make a trade show a success. Listening to the attendees needs eclipses the sponsor ones. And, when the fury is over, you wish you can do it all again but only better.

Because next time when speakers change rooms last minute an amendment in the show guide does not reach out to all those that are interested. Not everyone carries around a show guide nor do they know  where rooms are located.

When all the planning fails because tracks, speakers groups are running behind or rooms need to change it leads to confusion. Or as my colleague puts it, its a cluster – f*%k.

Imagine there’s a way to eradicate the cluster-f*%k by informing all interested attendees of changes with mobile messaging?

[Tweet “Cut down on herding sheep and directing attendees of where to go by blasting a message into their phone.”]

At the time, I wondered if there was a way we could shout out changes to everyone without actually shouting them out.

Maybe not a few years ago but today, with mobile wallet passes, sending a lock screen message is as easy as filling out a form. An update to all interested attendees – all at one time right to their mobile phone is a break through.

Thats right, if you want to cut down on confusion then streamline your engagement,  think mobile first when sending a lock screen message. Email and signage are fruitless efforts, take a grand step forward and let technology do the work for you. By messaging attendees at the time reduces confusion, as mitigating any last minute changes is now easy to do.

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This worksheet asks questions to customize your trade show experience and get you thinking mobile first.

Reach out to attendees easily and stop the confusion of any last minutes changes at the venue. To send a mobile message is an effective method for trade shows to stay on their attendees to make sure that their trade show runs smoothly without extra hassles of sheep herding.

Our worksheet is dedicated to making your event a success using a mobile marketing strategy with mobile wallets.

To engage attendees with simple messaging is a small sample of what mobile tickets can actually do.

There’s more to these mobile wallet passes than just announcing speaker or room changes. These passes are mobile tickets that each attendee receives once they confirm their registration. Tickets are set up the same as a lanyard  and its all in an attendees mobile phone. Vendors and speakers receive their tickets as campaigns can all be converted to work thinking mobile first.

At first, we will walk through the set up of your campaigns.

Lanyards with colored ribbons indicating status as speaker, attendee, host, vendor is now replaced with color coded tickets . A background color for each group or track.

Create a daisy chain of passes – use a pass for a sanctioned VIP party and start off lead generation early that sponsors will see value in.

Once a pass is created it can be modified with current messaging for sponsors that will gain further reach right into the next event. We take you step by step through a mobile marketing strategy with you. As staggering it is to think mobile first, we will assist by giving you the worksheet to event and promotions to get you thinking that way.

A strategy for mobile starts with us asking about your event. We customize the pass for you depending on track or group using color codes.

Message attendees prior, during and after the event giving sponsors added value.

Mobile first thinking starts with the confirmation email – messaging attendees as early as they register.

Unlike non responsive emails, messages are seen on the lock screen.

Plan your event easily with a mobile marketing strategy thats customized for your event. In our worksheet we ask questions to get you thinking and planning mobile-first. As its much easier to inform attendees of event or speaker changes when everyone is on the same page or in this case, shares the same pass, a mobile wallet one. Talk to us to start planning your event today!