Event planners who have taken the plunge to mobile with their events and conferences  are seeing value add for sponsors using mobile updates – and they like it!

One of the biggest challenges is demonstrating enough value to sponsors to either

1 – Signup at higher level
2- Continued signup as you produce more events.


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Now is the time to bring events and conferences into developing a mobile market strategy. Sponsors want to see the value in it. Different industries are now using mobile strategies with amazing results.

Location and Proximity Messaging – proximity triggers inside the venue with valuable offers that are seen on the lock screen as they walk through the event.

For example, iBeacon triggers my lock screen to tell me that I’m standing next to XYZ company booth and I should stop in for an iPad giveaway registration.

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Sponsors see value using direct messaging – Prior – During – After Events

Here’s how:

Sponsors are provided with access to direct messaging to lock screen and content updates prior to and during the event.

This cannot be oversold: Variety of sponsor messages onto your Event Tickets and other passes any time you like. Link to promotions, share with social media and deliver real value to advertisers and sponsors while delivering a better attendee experience.

After the event:

Sponsors continue to update attendees afterwards with mobile offers. Our pass programs offer you the opportunity to continue messaging attendees for the rest of the year.  Easily transition to your next event and generate buzz, excitement and ticket sales from their mobile wallet on their smartphone.

An Event Ticket from a mobile wallet gives event planners the ability to:

  • add more sponsor value
  • vendor messages after the show
  • which is not something that can be done with a physical ticket and email is just that effective.


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Bonus mobile strategy when using Event Tickets:

  • Start pre-selling events and sponsors well in advance of your next event


These are phenomenal mobile strategies to develop more value for sponsors with mobile updates. Engage with attendees right on their lock screen with an Event Ticket inside a mobile wallet. Event planners; talk to us as our product packages work with any trade show, conference or venue, no matter the size.