Last week, Kim Stuart went to IndoExpo in Denver and decided to get more exposure using Snapchat’s Geofilter.

Since Snapchat’s user base is 60 million with 15 million active member,  mostly marketing to millennials, we thought we would experiment with it.

We had 6000 views and 109 uses by using their Geofilter to surround the venue. We paid to be listed at the top of the filters after the community ones. 

When it was all said end done, what did we show for it?

Although 109 people used our filter, saw our Brand, Cannabis Wallet,  it did not translate any further with any spikes of traffic.

Now as I said, Kim went to this event and used her digital business cards was able to engage further than our experiment did using Snapchat.

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Kim Stuart at the event took advantage of using mobile and was able to:

  • Continue to build your brand identity with the consumer in a semi-conspicuous location
  • Lock screen and other notifications can be triggered by a variety of methods.
  • Mobile messaging is infinitely flexible and always changeable

Kim is able to engage with mobile updates to people she met at the event, especially afterwards, with a higher success rate that using the Snapchat Geofilter. 

Its time you did the same. Inside, the event marketing guide,  it teaches mobile strategies to use at use at your next event.

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