Emerging Media Conference, Redwood City

First, my hat’s off to Jenn Matthews of Wappow for the amazing job of organizing EmMeCon — I’ve put on trade shows/conferences before and it’s never easy!  The speaker dinner last night was really a great idea, and I met a lot of cool people that I wouldn’t have otherwise (sometimes speakers are only around when they speak due to schedules), and really appreciate Jenn’s efforts to create an easy networking environment.

So I did my presentation this morning – How Much Social is Too Much? — and since it was brand new I had more trouble organizing it than I thought I would…  mostly on the side of too much information, go figure.   Once the video is posted, I’ll add the link, but I’m going to post my infographic that I used to run through the massive quantity of massive numbers regarding the huge amounts of time spent on a numerous and ever growing social media presence in our personal and business lives.   I’m still digesting data, even after editing to the final presentation, and it really makes me wonder how we get anything done with all the time spent socializing everything.