We hosted a webinar last week — Creating Effective Digital Business Cards.

Live Links on Back of Pass

Check out the embedded video replay at the bottom of this post.

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

1.  Increase Engagement. 

The #1 reason to use digital business cards, or mobile wallet passes, is the instant, always-on, engagement boost you see with your prospects and current customers.  Systems, like ours, that leverage Apple Passbook and Google Wallet, only have to convince a user to drop a single pass or card into their phone.  There is no additional app to build and support, and Passbook users cannot uninstall the Passbook app (they can delete individual cards however).

2. Improve Results Dramatically.

When you are in constant contact with your user base, it’s simple to send updates and notifications as needed.  If your business has a location based element – i.e. a realtor with houses at specific addresses, you can leverage the live links on the back of the card to direct users to an address, a phone number, or web content.  90% of cards are not deleted from wallets, according to a recent press release from Vibes.

3.  Manage Groups.

If you work with groups – for instance, an online marketer who has a course series – it’s simple to push updates to the users device.  By grouping the users and installing passes on their devices that are centric to the type of content and updates they should receive, you can communicate directly with their smart device to send updates and notifications.

4.  Close More, Close More Often. 

The more relevant and timely that your message is to prospects or existing customers, the more likely you are to close those prospects and continue to sell to existing customers.  Having the ability to instantly notify them of changes to your offers or other promotions directly to the device is HUGE.

5.  Step by Step Plan. 

This isn’t rocket science.  Far from it.  Starting with a simple plan that gets your information into the device and then expanding from there is the key to leveraging all of the benefits of using mobile wallet passes.  Reach users contextually if you have a location based element, and keep them updated with exactly what you want them to know about you and your offers.


Click here for more information and a demo of mobile wallet marketing.