What does every business needs to grow and profit?

It needs customers!


And you go to great lengths to get customers. Ways to engage with the customer, directly to their mobile device is a key to any business success.

Many different type of online and offline campaigns work to find new customers. Online ad campaigns, email marketing, social media strategies and mobile ones – these are all various marketing channels that work once a customer is brought into the fold.

A great flash sale model, Groupon brings in the clients and its easier to keep them-they spend with you one time then they are willing to spend with you again.


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This flash sale model works because, the campaign delivers a volume deep discount with a time limit offer. This model is a powerful psychological marketing tool, triggering a sense of urgency before the offer expires.

Now, when you run the next Groupon flash sale, increase your engagement further by modern-day follow ups and referrals using a mobile wallet pass by providing a further discount to keep customers coming back to you.

We all know its easier to have client return to you than finding new ones, keeping them through a sales process. By having flash sale clients add a customized mobile pass directly into a mobile device allows you to build and nurture your list.


[Tweet “There’s a correlation based on combining marketing channels with a mobile pass to increase engagement and interaction with customers leading to more sales with higher ticket prices. “]


Not all businesses think this way but your competitors do and they use a mobile passes will gain them more repeat customers after a Groupon brings them in, initially.

I did a Groupon recently to have my dog groomed and the owner told me that what he likes about Groupon is that he gets people scheduled for half price  grooming but it doesn’t pay off at first..its the longer term relationship  by using different marketing techniques he finds that providing another discount  as a mobile coupon to get a grooming scheduled next time works when notified on a mobile device.

And now you can run your own mobile coupon to get customers back in the order, once they come from Groupon, by giving them a secondary returning offer – right to mobile. I highly recommend you check it out right now.

Its a mobile wallet pass that customized. Talk to me to see how valuable mobile passes and coupons are to working it with a combined marketing channels.