Ok, I’m ready to launch!  Now what?

Your app has been developed and tested and it is now ready for launch. With many trade shows and conferences coming up in the next year, you will want to make a big splash when introducing your app to the ecosystem and make lasting waves. You need to be able to speak to others about your app and have them excited about it as you are. Whether its developers, potential users and bloggers you need to be able to effectively pitch your app to the world, its best to have the app tell the story.

Just one…

Take the time to think about what your app actually does and then describe just that in one sentence. If you were to think in terms of composing an email, this would be your Subject Line, so make it good. You have one chance to capture what your app does in clear and simple terms. Remember the old axiom: K.I.S.S. referring to Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Next they have clicked onto your email because your Subject Line was so awesome; your body of the email is where you sell them next by providing a brief description of your amazing app. Now it’s time for you to shine and showcase your app in the best light possible by having the app speak for itself with all the features you described. This is where you must get them as excited as you. Remember the KISS rule here, use simple phrasing to explain what your app does. Create a list providing 4-6 features that will best show off your app.