No matter how much they protest, people do want to be marketed.  How they want marketing aimed at them to present itself is another matter entirely.

Many people will claim they don’t want any marketing to target them, but they’re likely the first ones redeeming coupons and using discount codes and so on; they want marketing but they want it in a contextual setting with a relevant basis.

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For example, the report found 77 per cent of smartphone users said mobile offers, such as surprise points or rewards, exclusive content and special birthday messaging, have a positive or very positive impact on their brand loyalty. In contrast, just 3 per cent claimed these offers would negatively impact their loyalty to a brand.

Just shy of 60 per cent of consumers surveyed also said they wanted to receive text alerts with updates on their orders from retailers and brands.

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Privacy concerns seem to take a back seat to convenience in these situations, even though people will claim they are concerned about their privacy.