A digital footprint for coaches is essential for building a thriving practice.

Part of being a coach is being able to share yourself by engaging with your clients so they can succeed, and then sharing your performance via your website, social media or mobile wallet pass.

Maximizing both your business profits and professional fulfillment with mobile wallet marketing is a crucial part of any online coaching business.

No matter what type of coach your are – business, executive or life coach, developing your clients is developing yourself. Engaging with your clients or prospects on their mobile phone is easier with a mobile wallet marketing strategy.

Motivate your clients to use mobile wallet passes just like you would grow your email list or court likes and follows on social media or sign ups for a newsletter. Build your base by having your clients or prospects install the pass on their mobile phone. These passes are stored conveniently in Apple Wallet or a third party mobile wallet for Android users.

A mobile wallet pass is already a reflection of your digital-self. The front of a pass displays both who you are and the type of coach or service you are known for. Your clients and prospects install the pass by scanning the QR code on their mobile or by tapping a share link directly on mobile.

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The back of mobile wallet pass reflects your approach to coaching; furthering your digital-self by adding to what you would do on your website or social media profiles. A mobile wallet pass can contain the latest information about your next event, speaking engagement, featured blog or podcast – helping target your clients that want to hear from you!

These call-to-actions from the back of a mobile wallet pass are helpful to your clients when they are learning more about you and your coaching methodology.

Engage with your client by notifying them via using their mobile lock screen. On the lock screen messages are clearly seen, updating clients with a direct line of communication and reinforcing their commitment to you as a coach.

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For a coach, a mobile wallet pass is ideal to expand your digital footprint and have an open line of communication to your clients and prospects. Easily share your coach-life with your clients and prospects to fulfill your professional development with them and your business profits.