What tools are real estate agents using to out compete other agents?

Its actually a little dirty secret that we want to share… as it seems that real estate agents, realtors want to use anything they can in their arsenal of tools – to get the listing and to sell the next property. And thats where a mobile strategy comes in,

One of the ways is by using a mobile wallet pass is using it as property listing pass.

Its a little dirty secret because I’m speaking to agents that don’t want other agents to know that they’re using a mobile strategy. They’re just not using traditional online and offline methods to land the sale but they find that their mobile presence isn’t as strong as they want.


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Agents use software systems that are in place from the brokerage. This allows them to create sites to showcase the properties, post to social media, and although this is cutting edge tech – nowadays its simply not enough to stay ahead of competition.

Its little dirty secret because when it comes down to it –

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And agents don’t want them to know how they did it – they want to beat out their competition, their fellow agents.


Social media advertising is saturated, buying up domains, sending out emails, using direct mail to inform prospects of your next listing – its all standard routine ways to produce prospects your listing.

With mobile real estate agents and brokers are getting results that faster and making buyers happy.

Mobile spending is increased to close to $100 million worldwide. Mobile accounts for 85% of online browsing and traffic, so it’s definitely the smartest marketing and advertising right now.

Now there’s no one way to use a mobile wallet pass, in fact, we have many realtor clients of ours that use two mobile wallet passes in play at the same time.

One is a branded pass with their real estate brand and who they are on the front of the pass and on the back ways to get in contact with them through email or by calling, in one tap and your dialed in to the agent.

Agents -as you know all love to talk on the phone – so they are thrilled that all takes is a couple of taps and they’re on the line, talking

Another way to use a mobile wallet pass -is to use a property listing pass.

This is the property listing pass listing that you have in the MLS in a mobile wallet pass form.

The professional photos of the property, you take the most beautiful pic in the front of the pass showing off the property while on the back are the highlights and details of the pass, describing thats 3 bedroom, 3 bath with links to any video tours, galleries photos of the property, as mentioned, contact links that in one tap prospects can call or email agents quickly

Let’s not forget what else is on the back of the pass, can hold links the site your created for the listing – the address of the listing and in one tap direct navigation to the property. You can include links that will bring up the video tour, or the neighborhood crime stats, etc – pretty much anything the phone recognizes as an app or a URL, it automatically loads on the phone, with just one tap from the back of the pass.

Once a prospect has arrived at the property, – you can welcome them to the viewing or open house and have them go through the property with mobile updates telling them more about the property features.

A property pass can really do all things we mentioned and best of all this is real estate tech – the cheap that other agents are using – and are not telling you about because they’re trying to out compete with you.


Now you can do the same having known what that dirty little secret, the bottom line is those that do so are seeing a much greater number of listings and are making buyers happier, faster.


Real estate agents talk to us – we can work with you to turn your listings to sales and have happy clients. This really is real estate tech that simple and easy to use.