If the changing podcast landscape is actually changing anything, what do you think that means for podcast hosts and broadcasters?

We are back with a new podcast episode that addresses the changing podcast landscape and what it means for your podcast and how you market it.

Do you currently have a podcast?  If so, are you using it for advertising revenue to support your enterprises or do you use it as a platform to promote your products and services?

[LISTEN: The Changing Podcast Landscape – What’s In It For You – PODCAST EPISODE]

Our podcast – Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – falls into the second of these categories.  We spend a decent amount of time figuring out what topics are going to be the most helpful for our clients and prospective customers, and then we decide what information is going to have the most impact and actually be remembered if someone happened to listen to us on their way home from work or while they were on an airplane with no connectivity (and no notepad, sharpie marker, etc – you get the idea).

The latest episode of our podcast is all about the changing podcast landscape and where we are all headed with the audio medium.

  • Will smart speakers really impact the timing, tenor and topics we choose to broadcast?
  • Are we actually going to get real stats?
  • What’s the story with ad skipping and just how prevalent do we think it might be?
  • Will net neutrality have any impact on podcasters and how our content is delivered and hosted and paid for by our listeners (or ourselves)?

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There are some other ideas about length that we take some time to talk about in the episode –

the proliferation of new apps and the rise of new devices such as smart speakers, all which we believe will call for shorter podcast content in the coming months, this month Podtrac is publishing two podcast rankings: the Top 15 Snackable Podcasts and the Top 20 Podcasts. The “snackable” list ranks podcasts whose average episodes are 10 minutes and less, while the Top Podcasts list ranks all podcasts over 10 minutes.

This is new from Podtrac and at the moment they are the undisputed king of stats in the changing podcast landscape.  We’ve heard rumors of some mistakes in their numbers, but that’s another post entirely.   Who knew that you could divide podcasts into short and long and rank them separately?

Last but not least, if you’re starting a podcast and looking for a WordPress theme to use for your site, might we recommend our friend Michele’s latest Divi child theme, Maven? We don’t get anything if you buy it, but wow, it’s beautiful and the graphics are sharp and the sections are good, and if we didn’t have a whole website besides our podcast, we’d be doing the switch lickety-split ourselves!


So go and listen to the new episode if you haven’t already, duh!