Since our 4/20 launch, Cannabis Wallet is a service thats recognized as the engagement tool for the legal cannabis industry is craving to use. We have the ability to reach your target users, building brand awareness to engage with your customers directly to your users mobile phones. Request a demo until the end of May will now get you 20% off our products, for life.

Cannabis Wallet marketing offers a mobile-first communication tool. For those who don’t know mobile wallet passes can do. Boiled down, mobile wallet passes can be installed into Apple Wallet on your iPhone or a third party app on Android.

You have direct access to market and connect to your customers and prospects, using Cannabis Wallet in their mobile phones.

How Does Mobile Wallet Marketing Work? This mobile technology works seamless with Apple Wallet, a native app already installed on every iPhone with the potential to reach millions with passes. There’s no need to create you own app when you can use mobile wallet passes.

Now that you are up to speed on how Cannabis Wallet marketing can work to spread your message to your users, the next question you must be asking is “Can this work for me or my business? ” The short answer is YES – [Tweet “We’ve developed Cannabis Wallet to provide mobile wallet marketing directly to the legal cannabis industry!”]

Its been a busy month for us as we’re presenting demos to those people asking themselves that very question for our 4/20 Launch Special which is over at the end of May. Schedule a demo with me over Skype to get started with Cannabis Wallet.

Your product, your service combined with our technology works with you to provide a mobile-first ready campaigns. The most popular ways were seeing Cannabis Wallet work is with mobile wallet passes that can send messages with specials, offers and appearances using push notifications that are seen on the user’s lock screen.

With Cannabis Wallet, when you want to be seen locally, just call out with an iBeacon to inform your customers of where you actually are. 

Lately cannabis related pop up events and conferences are asking to demo it live at their venues. As the mobile wallet pass are used to issue event tickets and send reminder updates directly to their attendees. Value is added to the Cannabis Wallet passes used at these events as exclusive mobile offers to the mobile passes that are just sitting waiting to be updated in their mobile wallets. 

[Tweet “Cannabis Wallet marketing offers a mobile-first communication tool.”]

I can certainly go on and on describing more benefits of the mobile wallet pass but its now time for me to learn about your company and how you think you want to use Cannabis Wallet for your business. As I mentioned I’m setting up demos consistently, did I mention that the first 7 days are on us? Aren’t you glad you read until the end to find that lucky charm out.