Canada’s proposed legislation for planning to make cannabis legal July 2018

What does it say?

What considerations are not mentioned?

Where do we go from here ?

The proposed legislation came out to make cannabis recreational in Canada on April 2017. Since then, provinces have asked the public to fill out survey’s regarding the highlights we’re about out to over of the proposed Cannabis Bill

The Canadian Bill has these considerations for the proposed legislature:

  1. keep it out of the reach of children – 18 years of age or older – seeing a 14 year conviction if you sell to a minor.
  2. possession up to 30 grams worth
  3. grow up to 4 small plants per dwelling
  4. no import/export of cannabis
  5. no driving while impaired by cannabis. – we’ll be looking at different further to come is different legislative act in place for driving while intoxicated or impaired is to come down by July 2018.



[LISTEN NOW: Podcast 48 – Canada’s Proposed Legalization of Cannabis – listen to all thats proposed]



From an advertising perspective – the government wants prevent product branding – so it appeals less to youths, unlike alcohol products.

The Canadian Government proposes to:

  • -prevent products to that are label and packed to appeal to youth
  • -promoting cannabis to where youths can’t see it:
  • only places are within dispensary walls or mobile wallet passes.
  • -no self serve or vendor machines to dispense cannabis
  • -no misleading or false advertising of any kind with enticing young to use cannabis


Now what happens if you do???

               The government is making it strict enforcement with heavy fines of $5million or 3 years in jail


What does the proposed legislation not saying?

               There’s minimal mention when it comes to the cultivation of the plant, tracking, and methods of ingestion. 


                In B.C.s neighboring state, Washington – tracking for every part of the plant that they sell must be accounted for due to regulatory concerns.


                Delivery services are popular way to receive medicine. The two popular methods are in your car and by post mail.  Postal services: if you are not a Licensed Producer technically its a crime on a federal level to transport cannabis. there are many online dispensaries offering to mail it to you. Which you may not receive if the package is suspect.


                 Mail and deliver up to 30 grams at a time. Possession up to 30 grams worth – for those American’s listening right now that comes out to about one ounce. 


              No import/export of cannabis – it makes sense – keep it isolated within Canada no cross border shopping between countries – and since its still federally illegal in the USA.

               Grow up to 4 small plants in dwelling – up to 1 meter high – about a yard. With not mention of width requirements, homegrown is now grown wider. Also, landlords are upset and may not want to rent out to those who will grow 4 plants and are not sure how to manage those tenants who will now start too, once July 2018 hits.

Provinces are taking different approaches on looming legislation. In Ontario, raids on dispensaries closing in Toronto, London and Kitchener. Whereas in British Columbia, dispensaries are kept open, non-targeted and don’t get much enforcement.

The provincial leaders’ as B.C.s former liberal leader Christy Clark is tight lipped about it. Meanwhile, the B.C. agricultural economy will see proven benefits by legally growing cannabis, taking it out of a criminal element. Since B.C. is the top province in cannabis agriculturally – I’m sure BC will want more rights than other provinces.

What are cannabis advocates?

Those not in government or LPs – those who have been rallying for the last 30-40 years…they believe that its them who will be out of business happy that the cannabis movement is at this point and are seen as the enemy.

Cannabis Culture founders and advocates for legalization on the Emery’s – who want it legal are being arrested for operating CC – license and sell out their name to afford bail and lawyers in their fight – while Trudeau and a several former MPs that head up LPs are preparing and waiting to reign in the cash from being the second country to make cannabis legal. (and before the price drops further)

Once the legal market is developed, wholesale prices could fall way down like it has in recreational states, Washington & Colorado are finding the price drops – even as demand grows.

Until the legalization measures are ready to go and on the books, it’s time to get your ducks in a row and prepare to market your successful cannabusiness, which is where we come in!

We can assist you in setting up a mobile wallet pass that is only seen on a mobile device. Dispensaries will still be able to promote onto a mobile device in an unobtrusive manner inside the door of the dispensary, offering further discounts such as daily specials. That way patients know what they’re in for when its time to approach the counter.

If your not a dispensary and a Cannabusiness – get in touch with us, we’ll work with you to take the step to market to mobile.