As mobile marketers we stay on top of the latest trends, case studies and provide real time ways businesses use to communicate, tell their story using mobile.


Storytelling is developed using a physical component to your business,  for a retailer its a storefront location,  for a business at a trade show, it would be a booth, a public speaker at an event and an open house for real estate agents.


In all these cases, telling your brands story,  provide a hyperlocal connection that provides a customer experience through mobile channels.

These #mobilefirst campaigns are organized to provide hyperlocal touch points alongside the customer experience.


as Lee Wilson from Vertical Leap explains

Hyperlocal marketing goes beyond country, city and regional targeting, and can employ new technologies and tactics to embed your brand with you local audiences and derive truly competitive advantages online and offline.


By downloading our worksheet, it takes no time at all to figure the best triggers to use for lock screen notifications that encourages engagement to make hyperlocal messages.


[DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET: Your business brand storytelling starts with hyperlocal messages]


Deploying these hyperlocal connections are targeted campaigns that interact with a new prospect or repeat clients that want to hear about your brand’s story using mobile. Lock screen reminders and notifications inform the latest trends of your products, events to attend or any specific aspect that clients should know about.


How you define campaigns are different in every case, as a physical business, storefront the foot traffic passerby’s are targeted messages get them into the story  entice them into shopping. Any current promotions are the perfect way to deliver to your target audience, bringing awareness and increase social shares.


At an event, any last minutes changes from a speaking engagement being from one room to another, attendees are notified in real time on the lock screen.

Realtors use hyperlocal messages to target prospects entering open houses to inform about the home’s features.

There may be various names used with hyperlocal messages, proximity trigger, location based ads, geofencing or beacon notifications, it with the same goal – to integrate offline and online channels.

The average consumer has many more touch points now than at anytime before, plus they are expecting a seamless customer experience whether this is offline, online or various combinations of the two.

Touch points that use #mobilefirst or hyperlocal messages use effective strategies that are compelling to clients that you may want to sort out. Tactics as using emojis in the branding messaging, CTA links and share features all will grab the attention of the customer to create that brand experience.

Hyperlocal targeted messages are simply a great idea for any business. We’ll assist you in organizing your campaign to deliver the touch points that provide the reach and engagement your business demands. Talk to use to get started.