Last week, BlackBerry added in-app purchasing to support their latest smartphone BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK.


This move demonstrates that BlackBerry platform is wanting to compete against the footholds of Apple and Android. Its also trying everything to get welcome developers back with open arms and nothing is better than “cold, hard cash” to reward a developer’s creation.


BlackBerry’s outcome is helping its developers monetize their BB10 apps.

“While payment should be enough to get your excited on its own,” a post this week on the BlackBerry Developer Blog reads, “we also were able to sneak in some of the final bits of the BBM Social Platform – namely support for the Profile Box.  The Profile Box is a customizable box for your app that appears in the current user’s BBM profile. You can use it to broadcast achievements or provide updates. The box contains a list of items, each composed of text and an optional icon. The Profile Box API allows you to manage the items in your app’s profile box. The API reference for this new API is here.”