Big or small trade shows, conferences or local events use mobile event tickets to notify attendees.

What size is your event? 100, 1000 or 10,000 attendees?

If you’re hosting a conference, trade show, or other event that has attendees and sponsors, it’s very hard to justify not using mobile, since the potential for return engagement and long tail interaction is so great.

According to some large scale events that used location-based notifications saw exhibitor foot traffic increase by over seven times the industry average.

No matter the event size, mobile passes do more than just add a ticket to a mobile phone. They add more value of sponsor packages, engage in long term communication and generate excitement for next years event.

Engage with attendees right from registration with mobile wallet passes.  Create a mobile first experience and grab all attendees attention from the confirmation email, attendees add the pass to their mobile phone. Once installed, all attendees will receive mobile updates right to their lock screen.


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A small size event, as a conference, the kind you wear a”HELLO, My Name is..” name tag on your blouse or shirt, chatting up folks before a speaker presents themselves. If this sounds like your type of event then we just made your day, as now mobile updates keep attendees advised of any changes in scheduling or venue. Now send reminders to attendees to keep them engaged of the event.

A mid-sized show, as an attendee displays a lanyard around their neck, different tracks, a show floor with a main stage or small speaker areas. We would leverage additional passes based on either the track and level of participation (speaker,sponsor, VIP, regular attendee, exhibitor). These passes engage in long term communication and generate excitement for next years event.

To recap what ticket and event passes can do:

  • engage with attendees  – reminders, notifications of last minute event changes
  • provide updates displayed on lock screen of attendees’ mobile phone
  • added value for sponsors

Event passes allow for sponsors to generate excitement for next years event. This type of engagement in long term communication is huge as ninety percent of installed passes stay on attendees phones allowing for continued messaging throughout the next year. Thats every nine out of ten attendees.

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A large scale show or festival that may be on two levels or throughout a city, we leverage proximity awareness alerts using iBeacon technology to manage traffic flow effectively.

High Point Market, a hundred year old trade show covers most of High Point, North Carolina. Proximity messaging solved many issues

iBeacons “…provided attendees with an efficient and effective method of navigating the market’s largest property.” Tom Conley President and CEO of HighPoint Market Authority highly recommends its use.

From a small local event to large scale trade show, mobile event tickets can manage any event, no matter the venue size. We provide the ability to keep communicating by engaging and interacting with your attendees throughout the event is a key method to any event success with a user experience attendees can trust and add value to sponsors reach of being seen through the entire next year.