Our business is MobileWalletMarketer.com is a mobile advertising and engagement platform designed for SMBs, small to medium sized businesses.

It enables, communication with prospects directly with a mobile device. It works with Apple or Android wallets and encompasses the same technologies as using an app. Deliver your message to your customers and prospect without any technical issues, just simply fill out a form.

How did we get here; what do we do to remain the top pioneers in mobile wallet marketing?

Today, we want to give you what we tell you to give your customers – value add.

Kim and Hazel both continue our education in technology marketing by learning how to better  and more efficiently market your business, no matter which marketing channels you use.

When reading popular blogs a recurring theme of the same “must read” blog lists may not really reflect whats going on with SMBs run by real people.

We’re not mentioning our own blogs on Domino Research, MobileWalletMarketer or Atlas Rewards, even though we think they have great content that pertains to how you can best use mobile to make a difference in your business.

Nor will we list the usual Kissmetrics, Moz, Hubspot, and Seth Godin staples that rehashes on lists.

We are going to talk about some blogs that:

you may not know,

might have only heard of in passing, OR

might not have realized that you want to check out.

[Kim Stuart takes on March Madness and how well it works with mobile marketing]

Buffer.com – Kevan runs the Buffer blog and it’s always got something amazing going on. Whether you’re a Buffer customer or not, it’s almost impossible to NOT get something from their blog.

Topics include a lot more than just using them to schedule and promote social content, so it’s not a big advertisement for their platform.

*Disclaimer – we use and we love Buffer.

QuickSprout.com/blog – Neil Patel writes the blog here for QuickSprout, and they’re another excellent company to look to for ideas and answers when you can’t quite figure something out in your content marketing plan.

Some of the latest topics – SEO keyword domination and Cognitive Bias are two that stick out in my mind.

*Disclaimer – we don’t use any of Neil’s products, not because we think they’re bad, but we use Mouseflow instead of Crazy Egg for heat mapping – we like the dashboard better.

RyanHoliday.net Not your average business blog, it’s really just a guy (who has done some off the wall things to market) talking about stuff. It’s what’s in the stuff that makes this a valuable blog to read if you have time to actually clear out your mind and take it in.

Ryan also writes on Observer.com and he’s fairly straightforward about his opinions, if you catch the meaning here.

*Disclaimer – no affiliation

blog.MailChimp.com – Whether or not you are a Mailchimp user, if you are sending broadcast email, you should definitely touch base here every now and then. Usually a weekly update, some of the latest topics include Accessibility in email marketing campaigns, and how to manage A/B testing in your emails.

Even if you are sending from AWeber, Emily, any other competitors, you can still glean some tips and tricks from the gang at Mailchimp.

*Disclaimer – we use them.

AskAaronLee.com is the last one on the list for today – Aaron hails from Malaysia who has a knack in understanding social media and how to make it work.

His blog entries are all over the map, representing what he’s working on and how he makes coin rather than focusing on followers and likes from Facebook.

Similar to the RyanHoliday blog we mentioned, it’s different, but it’s different good.

*Disclaimer: check it out and see what you think about it.

[LISTEN: Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – Episode 37 – Best Business Blogs your NOT Reading, Yet]

Here’s the quick recap of our best business blogs:

Kevan at Buffer.com

Aaron at AskAaronLee.com




We are going to close with a list of our sites that have fantastic blogs about all sorts of ways mobile wallet marketing is making it easy for SMBs like yours to communicate directly to a mobile device.

 Atlas Rewards, Domino Research (Home of our podcast: Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy) along with MobileWalletMarketer.com – check them out too!