Ok, this is one of the more interesting (and less sense making) iBeacon installations that I’ve read about to date.

But hey, if you’d like a side of beacon with your beer nuts, who are we to judge?

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Beacons are amazing little pieces of kit, they’re innocuous and inconspicuous, but able to trigger all kinds of reactions from passersby (or with a little creative thinking, you can wear a beacon and BE THE TRIGGER!  Seriously, ask us how and we’ll be glad to explain how to set up your own personal Where’s Waldo with a technological twist  😉

So here’s a story about a lovely lady, err, no scratch that, we’re not talking beer goggles here, we’re talking about beer taps with iBeacons attached to them and a companion app (yes, download another app, that’s why this one isn’t doomed to have that much success, but that’s a story for another rant on my part) to give you all manner of information about the beers in the taps with the iBeacons attached. 

The company has partnered with beacon marketing platform Juxtad to roll out the service that uses Tap Talker beacons at the pump and the brewery’s Schlafly mobile app. Juxtad has installed more than 50 Tap Talker beacons in locations across St Louis, with plans to “scale up to over 250 bar and restaurant locations by May 2016”.

Interested in finding out more?  Read the rest of the article by clicking here. 

Happy times at happy hour!  If you’re going to be in St Louis or you know another bar that’s got a similar setup, let us know about it if you get the chance –