As I’m scrolling through my tweets to find some great tech-relevant news I find myself drawn to watching videos of how it is to live on a space station. I watch one after the other and realize that this is cool. Trekkies this is our James T Kirk, our Jonathan Archer:  This is our Col. Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut living on a space station and telling the world about it, one post at a time, with live images and videos he sends showing and describing everyday life on a space station.

Col. Chris Hadfield, Mission Specialist currently on board the International Space Station as Commander of Expedition 35.   He’s figuring out how its different to live in space, how it effects our body. One part of his mission is to see how our bodies hold up while living in space. He shows us a tool that measures our eyeballs to see how our vision is affected for further research.

Hadfield is connected to us through the use of social media, how cool is that? A Canadian astronaut on a space station speaking to us live with beautiful photos of our mother earth and describing what is to live in space through the use of social media. He already has 700,000 followers on Twitter with over 200,000 on Facebook.



Not only had Hadfield is showing us how it is to live in space, he has also lived under the ocean floor conducting undersea missions to simulate space ones. He’s doing what many of us dream about and he’s doing it with style. Hadfield is a natural, guiding and teaching us everyday living in extreme environments and conditions.  Get on board through Facebook and Twitter now to experience it for yourself.