Testing, testing, 1, 2…   If you don’t test, you should.  If I had to choose between spending money on new features or testing traffic from my existing traffic, I would nearly always choose the testing.  Why throw good money after bad?

Freemium users will give you all kinds of feedback…  “oh, if it had this, I would buy it”, “oh, if it did that, I would buy it” – so you spend your time putting all these bells and whistles into your product and then Boom!  (nope, just a big old echo like a tree falling in the woods when there’s no one around to hear it) goes the deafening sound of time you could have spent testing your hot spots, finding out what makes your users click, figuring out what your whales are drawn to in the product.  Or just fiddling around with RJ Metrics making new cohort groups for free.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Not all testing sites are created equally and we’re not endorsing anyone, just suggesting you do some research and figure out which one might be in your budget.

Mobile A/B Testing Startup Apptimize Raises $2.1M, Launches A Tool For Non-Developers


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