After months of surmising what Apple has been up to, we finally see what Apple has up its sleeve. For those in the know, like us at Domino Research, we knew the iWatch, larger display NFC-equipped iPhone and Apple payments were all on its way but to have them released all at one time shows that Apple is back in the game.

Now that Apple has played catch up with Android and everyone is “applicious” again are they really back in the lead?

They are certainly gearing themselves up to be so with newly renegotiated discount rates with the banks and the demand for iBeacons they can certainly take the lead sooner than you think.

According to various sources*, PayPal currently leads the way with mobile commerce is up to 79% while Google wallet sits at 40%. Apple’s Passbook doesn’t have a long way to convert millions who are using it to make a switch from loyalty passes and digital coupons to payments. Starbucks and Sephora have already hundreds of thousands of users to easily pave the way.

The impact in the next few months as the holiday season begins will be a start of what is to come for 2015. For your average merchant, this holiday season you can get onboard with the latest technology and make an impact, just like a big box store. Our products are waiting for you. Simply sign up at