I speak to many companies and discuss ways to help companies gain more on their ad spend by thinking mobile-first.

We provide examples and ways other businesses are using mobile wallet passes to engage with their client base.

During our break I was able to get some reading in, to come across commentary written in Media Post,  Apple Pay should pair with iBeacon.

Well, it does!

Apple Pay and iBeacons do pair up as Apple Pay sits inside Apple Wallet that already uses iBeacon technology as location based marketing continues to grow, 400% since 2013.

Let me break it down further…

  • The native app, Apple Wallet is on every iPhone 5 or higher. The payment method known as Apple Pay is part of the Apple Wallet app.
  • Apple Wallet uses its own technologies inside their own native apps like iBeacons.
  • A mobile wallet strategy using iBeacons to engage with their client base increases user behavior.
  • iBeacons with Apple Pay already pair together, Apple is waiting on several factors before completely flipping the switch; adoption being the primary one.
  • To pay using an iPhone is a mindset change for many that are carrying around physical wallets.

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What companies can do is to start branding and offerings using mobile updates to engage with their clients. As mobile wallet passes is the shift SMBs need to make to provide a mobile culture and toggle users a mobile experience.

Thomas Walle’s comments  “There should be no doubt that iBeacon and Apple Pay will play an important role in accelerating each other’s growth.”

continuing to agree with us that

Apple Pay and iBeacon are the perfect tag team.

What he really means is Apple Wallet with iBeacons as they provide a match made as The Perfect Mobile Ad.

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A mobile culture that shifts user experience through mobile wallet passes to their mobile wallet will result in adoption increase for using Apple Pay opening the door for iBeacon switch to flip for the pair to flourish.

I speak to SMBs and provide demos to companies that want to set up a mobile marketing strategy using mobile wallet passes and iBeacons. Its as easy as filling out a form. I’m happy to talk to you too… get in touch with me because your competitors certainly are.