Love it, hate it, doesn’t really matter.   Apple is pushing Pay to the web. 

Apple Pay is coming for e-commerce and mobile websites, and it might be one of the best usage cases for the product as a payments platform there could possibly be.   How much cart abandonment could be overcome if all someone had to do was verify their fingerprint instead of typing in what seems like 90 lines of bulls**t field responses every time they want to make a purchase.

Amazon showed us with One Click that the easier you make it on someone to finish a transaction, the more transactions they will actually finish, no?

Recode said the feature will be found in the Safari browser on iPhones and iPads that have TouchID. It could be announced at Apple’s WWDC in June, with a release by Christmas of this year.

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You know this is THE BEST instance of Apple Pay that we can see being practical, feasible and a potential problem solver.  Cart abandonment is at an all time high, especially on mobile devices – but part of that is likely attributed to the fact that consumers aren’t really planning to make the purchase on their phone, but they are doing research to get pricing or details or reviews.