We’ve held off putting out an opinion on Apple Pay for the last week or so; frankly we’ve been watching and gauging the reactions, both in the media and in real life.

I was recently with some friends, doing something completely unrelated to having a discussion about business, payments, phones or anything remotely resembling a lead in to a discussion about Apple Pay.   But the conversation did turn to the topic and there was a variety of opinions presented.  I didn’t chime in, since I considered it market research.

Some think it’s great, some think it’s creepy.  But the general consensus was that it’s coming, people are going to use it and that’s just how it goes.

Unless Apple runs into some sort of regulatory issue with the launch, it is coming.   Too many partners – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway, Sephora (and the list goes on) are onboard and ready to roll with it next month.

iPhone 6 and 6Plus sales are reported to have topped 10 million units in the first few days of availability.  That’s a lot of pockets the potential payment system is living in already.  Even if it only represents current Apple customers who made the switch, it’s still very respectable for out of the gate.

Entrepreneur ran an article that we found this morning, addressing small businesses and the Apple Pay situation.  We find it compelling and accurate, so here’s the link –

4 Ways Adopting Apple Pay Can Benefit Small Business