It’s not too far to stretch one’s imagination in thinking that the App Store might find it useful to charge for positions…  is it?

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After what seems like forever without any big changes to the App Store or the revenue model, the new guy in charge, Phil Schiller, might be moving in the direction that ignites a whole new round of app discovery, um, situations, for lack of a better word.

Not saying it’s a bad idea, but saying that it might be something to consider from all the angles.  And yes, we know that right now the odds of getting discovered in that trainwreck are about a million to one; creating a situation where the guys with the money get the placement doesn’t change that – not one bit.  The guys with the ad budgets are the only ones getting downloads now, except for the occasional breakout hit.  But let’s face it, Angry Birds does NOT come along every day.

Discoverability is a big problem on the iPhone and iPad, but the Mac App Store needs to implement long-requested features like demos and paid app upgrades and developers need to be encouraged to show up in the watchOS and tvOS stores in the first place.

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Chief takeaway – if you’re expecting to catch a break on discovery in the App Store and you don’t have a marketing budget, then you can forget it.