A new report from Flurry, an app analytics leader, shows that 20 percent of users that spend time on their mobile devices are on the web, while 80 percent are devoted to mobile apps. The graph is very telling on users behaviour. The guilty app types fall under: Games, news, productivity, utility, and social networking apps.The average user spend over 2 hours within apps, 32 percent of that is on gaming apps, 18 percent spend time on Facebook, while 12 percent are spent using the browser. What does this all mean? According to Flurry: “The disruptive force of the mobile app economy has created opportunities, rising stars, instant millionaires, dinosaurs and plenty of confusion,” the firm says. “However, one undeniable truth is that tablets and smartphones are eating up desktops, and notebooks and apps (including the Facebook app) are eating up the web and peoples’ time.” Its clear that apps have made a mark and its really becoming an app world.

These stats come from Flurry’s report

“Flurry Five-Year Report: It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It