I’m writing this blog, discussing the latest ways advocates can use mobile wallet passes and other fantastic news bits we were able to fit on our podcast for this week…

We find that in Canada, Toronto dispensaries were raided. According to Toronto Police Chief, Mark Saunders it was a difficult decision as dispensaries raided were operating without Health Canada license. Justifying that there was”…no quality control…in the place that made it.” Proper labeling of edibles were nonexistent.

I’m sure there’s a strong outcry from Toronto residents and cannabis advocates, that in light of actions like this, it is more important than ever that advocacy groups be organized. 

Listen to our podcast to find out how advocates can use Mobile Wallet passes effectively with their outreach

Reaching out to your supporters, communicating to them, providing timely call to actions for fundraising and support causes by calling or emailing your local politician right from their phones.

As I was mentioning, at our last company retreat, we produced our last bunch of podcasts, one of them being the ways for mobile wallet passes to be used with advocacy groups.

When we produced the podcast, it was a great news week moving the cannabis business forward and as big business and investors start to set heir sights on building it up, its going to take bit of thought with current advocates, grassroots groups and similar organizations to decide on how they’ll continue to get their communications out to their supporters. We have mobile wallet marketing strategies to create a further reach.

Our podcast put our perspectives on the US cannabis market and what it means for cannabis advocates, by celebrating with dispensaries being approved in Hawaii. Continued our celebration with one of the largest dispensaries in Oakland, CA, Harbourside finally has had the dark cloud lifted with federal lawsuit being dismissed.

One of the more impactful news stories on the podcast is the DEA approving medical marijuana use for veterans who suffer with PTSD, which is monumental as it comes. Also, we rounded it off with news in the same week crossed itself in the political arena, where delegates as Ted Cruz succumbed  to the likes of Donald Trump who is now the Republican frontrunner. I guess money can by you anything.

Now to onward and upward matters – How do advocates use mobile wallets?

Local grassroots groups or state level organizations like NRML can structure their mobile wallet passes to have immediate action and immediate response to communicate with your supporters.

Mobile wallet passes are available when using Apple Wallet and one of it many features is that a pass can used as an event ticket. Just like an email tickets, we create a ticket on a mobile wallet pass and unlike an email or paper tickets after the event you can inform your supporters.

The passes are in mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet – you can add anything you want to the back of the pass. After your event, you can further communicate to supporters the sponsor of you more recent event with a direct link to them providing added value.

Updating venue changes, tapping to your support line to call your local politician are all made on the back of the pass.

Advocates, key players are using this as a real time communication tool and you should too!

We’re here to listen to your goals and work with you to the passes created to get the right message out to your supporters, all at the right time. Reconnect to your supporters on the lock screen. Updates that you want your supporters to know will get through to them because it will be seen.

Organize the passes to fit your advocacy needs.

All your campaigns are set up the way you want them to be.  Whether it be on a local level, by event, geography-where here to help you have the right fit.

Installing and distribution of the passes couldn’t be easier. Scan the QR code on the front of the pass. We’ll also provide you with a URL to add to all your advocacy collateral.

The cannabis industry is now at the point of getting investment money. Advocacy groups influence in the industry must be heard louder and stronger. Organized mobile wallet passes for causes and local groups support is now done all through phones- Be seen by your supporters.