Companies that develop Advocates for their Brand are targeted people that want to know what you have say. Mobile wallet notifications are ideal for the development of advocate marketing.


Engage with customer advocates in powerful format with a mobile experience. Mobile wallet technologies work to provide a fluid customer experience.

As an advocate marketer a mobile wallet pass allows for your latest product, service, case study or referral served as a mobile update known as mobile wallet notifications. 

A mobile wallet pass includes a CTA links, so advocates of your Brand can call or email customer service immediately with just one tap. 

Share features couldn’t be easier with social media, as mobile wallet technologies allow for passes to passed from mobile to social and back again, easily.

Engage to communicate new offerings, educate your service with mobile updates that are seen right on the lock screen.

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Mobile wallet notifications adds diversity to your message. advocates want to hear from you and what you have to say, building relationships that fit into advocate marketing experience.

Deliver the perks with mobile wallet notifications, by driving your content directly to advocates mobile devices.

Remind your advocates of the next attended event, the next webinar, or speaking engagement, seen right on their lock screen.

Ask for product reviews with referral link as mobile wallet notifications allow you to provide a mobile experience that starts from loyalty rewards, to empowering a VIP experience, giving you the tools to engage with what your advocates’s needs.

Integrate your current campaigns conveniently to mobile ones. Any perks, exclusives events, surveys or product reviews are updated on a mobile pass as easy as filling out a form.

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Mobile provide opportunities for your Brand advocates to build influence. Advocates are motivated by different things, – give them opportunities to provide their feedback all from one mobile pass.

By using advocates to support your Brand mobile wallet notifications creates building a community directly to mobile devices, which validates customers social potential to drive the buying decision.

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A mobile experience spurs higher activity rate to increase brand advocate to participate within the community.

The advocate voice is a powerful, let it resonate by using mobile wallet notifications. Reach potential buyers on a mobile scale from simple coupons to draw in a potential user to participate into the loyal rewards member. Create a set of mobile wallet passes that lead to a VIP experience creates advocates voice thats a shoppers journey.

Show loyalty to your member to integrating a VIP experience thats a mobile one. Share features that work on all social media sites as Instagram, Twitter Facebook and create the latest Snapchat – all with a couple of taps.

Advocates attract advocates by increasing social reach and build brand awareness with a mobile experience to engage. Create the right message to develop relationship all on a mobile device using mobile wallet notifications.