We ran across this article from FastCasual, which is a trade magazine specific to the ‘not quite fast food, not quite fancy food’ segment of the restaurant marketplace –

First, in case you still are not 100 percent sure on how these small, portable devices work, let’s explain. Beacons can be placed anywhere in a restaurant or nearby location and rely on a smartphone’s Bluetooth connection to transmit information directly to a mobile app that’s listening for their signal. These devices are highly cost effective and can be purchased through mobile solutions companies who specialize in providing software programs that manage the messages being delivered. The customer must first download an app, either a universal or branded one, that will listen for the beacon’s signal. Once the beacon is initially connected and the customer opts-in to receive information, the beacon will automatically begin pinging the smartphone. Messages are delivered each time a connected smartphone passes by a beacon, regardless if the app is open or not.”

Read more by clicking here – http://www.fastcasual.com/articles/4-new-ways-to-use-beacon-technology-in-your-restaurant/