This year we’ve been traveling around to events and trade shows demonstrating ways to use mobile wallet marketing.

The big draw with MWM is using iBeacons for both speakers and exhibitors at trade shows. Its popular shoutout tool that leverages mobile technology.

iBeacon technology, created by Apple is a small short range transmitter that can held in the palm of your hand. At a conference, trade show or local event, placed discreetly around any venue, iBeacons are used to get yourself noticed and engages with attendees right on their mobile device.

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There are 3 types of ways booths and speakers are using mobile updates for their messages and notifications is by informing them as reminders, changes at venues and offers. Known as proximity based marketing, current users and prospects install a mobile wallet pass to be engaged.

As part of your mobile marketing strategy is to build up your pass followers prior to the show. That way attending prospects will see your messages on the lock screen and be notified immediately as they walk around the show.

How to build up your pass followers prior to the show?

Just like informing and promoting the fact that you’ll be exhibiting, promote your mobile wallet pass to visitors of your site and social media profiles that you are exhibiting at a booth, let them know that if they add your pass before the show, they’ll stay relevant with any changes that may be going on during the show by installing the pass prior to the event.

Here’s a way to add a mobile wallet pass using your social media profiles on Facebook or Twitter or even have it displayed on your site:

  • Add this pass to your phone to get real time updates of what we’re up to at ABC Show, See you there!
  • Meet up with us at booth 123
  • Look for for our own Joe Doe to speak in Room A

At a show, you can do 2 things:

  • inform attendees at the show that already added the pass and
  • at your booth, continue to gain more prospects – have printed collateral for attendees to add the pass into their phone for walkbys who don’t have a chance to speak with

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Now that passes are built up prior to your show, at the show, you’ll want to use iBeacons. When adding iBeacons to your mobile marketing strategy mix, we’re finding that these are the 3 popular methods to use iBeacon messaging to reach your attendees. 

Remember from earlier we mentioned the popular methods which are:

Reminders – Changes at venue – Offers  Message your attendees with these methods.


Popular types of messaging we’re seeing being used to engage are:

  • Visit us at booth 123.
  • Reminder that Joe Doe speaks at 1pm
  • See what our show offer is, stop by booth 123

Change at venue

  • Our demo today has changed times from 1 and will now be at 1:30
  • Joe Doe speaks on the keynote time is changed to 1:30 or is now moved to Room D.




  • (once at booth) Show only BOGO offer
  • talk to us about our 10% discount
  • Check out our friends at booth 456


Use iBeacons as part of your trade show mix to gain crowds to your booth is becoming more popular. As iBeacon updates right to your attendees lock screen to be effective with your messaging.

Remember that after the trade show you can still send them a relevant messages out to stay on top of mind.