At the start of 2013, I predicted in an earlier blog that strong competition will continue between iOS and Android, along with Android tablets taking a lead over iPad. It looks like mobile ads are coming on strong as promised by 2013 reports in the industry.

TechCrunch reports the top platform for monetizing mobile ads is still iOS. Opera’s study finds that iPhone leads Android for generating ad traffic. These insights come from Opera‘s latest State of Mobile Advertising report for the first quarter of 2013.

These insights have been compiled from various mobile advertising platforms such as AdMarvel, Mobile Theory, 4th Screen Advertising and Opera Mediaworks Performance.

The three main insights that were found are:

1 – Competition is tight between iPhone and Android

2- Still opportunities to grow in international growth ad markets

3-The importance of Opera’s data collection known as “intelligent prioritization” for advertisers to reach their desired audience.  Targeted ads that implement contextual information acquired by secondary criteria of data.

The report also indicates that the United States still reigns while driving majority the ad requests in volume but Europe is quickly gaining, followed by Asia compared to Q4 2012 report.

As for devices, it looks like Android is currently on top with a margin of 8.2% gain over iPad. Speculating that Android apps will have further reach in Q2 over iOS apps. It looks like they are both still jockeying for the number one position. Leaving Windows 8 and Blackberry to far behind in the race to be third and fourth players, respectively.