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Hazel & Kim spent five years producing a successful podcast about mobile marketing and advertising.  Nearly 120 episodes about mobile technology and how to use it to best position your brand or business to take full advantage of the mobile ecosystem while respecting customer privacy.

2020 was a tough year, and 2021 didn’t improve significantly on the Canadian side of the border until mid-summer.  Covid-19 caused many people to reassess their lifestyles, careers, and overall personal goals – including Kim & Hazel.

Currently working on a new podcast project designed to highlight and celebrate women in a diverse set of circumstances and career paths, the decision to stop producing “Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy” was not an easy choice, and ceasing production was certainly bittersweet.

In addition to the new podcast, both Hazel and Kim have turned their focus to more personal projects.  Hazel was recently a finalist in the worldwide “Hit It Like A Girl” drumming contest, and Kim’s art has been published in a collection of notable works by Paris Collage Collective.

For the current time, the marketing podcast archives are available free for listening, and the accompanying show notes are also available.  Enjoy.

Ideas & Opinions

How Mobile Affects the Shoppers Journey (ep 23)

How Mobile Affects the Shoppers Journey (ep 23)

Show Notes – Episode 23 –

It’s important to respect the shopper’s journey from the research phase all the way through to the purchase. Shoppers today have more options than ever and if you fail them at any point along their path, they will go to your competition. Whether you’re a retailer, a realtor, an online marketer, or a coach doesn’t matter.
Providing your prospect with the tools to make an educated decision (logic), while tugging on their heartstrings a bit (emotion) is the only way to consistently close sales in the modern world.

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