Alrighty, boys and girls!  It’s that time of year again – when everyone who is anyone (and many who are not) start to pontificate about what’s going to be white hot in the upcoming year – 2016 in this case…

We always save our last post of the year (ok, pretty close, maybe not the exact last one) for our own predictions, and you’ll have to wait until next week to know what we are thinking!

What are some of predictions for tech trends in 2016?

  • ZDNet has some interesting predictions, mostly hardware oriented in this particular article –  but you’re probably wondering what’s so interesting – falling hardware prices, in both the iOS and Android space, leaving some manufacturers to stop building Android devices, and Apple to take a stock price hit.
  • Inc. Magazine jumps into the fray – also in the hardware direction, with commentary about 3D printers coming to the people.  The only problem we see here is that most people don’t need 3D printers, not with the cost of actually figuring out how to use them properly.
  • Refinery29 wants to talk about “9 Things That Will Be Bigger Than Snapchat” – but then they lead in with how Snapchat is going to be bigger than it already is, so there’s that.  Virtual reality, hoverboards and apps wind their way through the slides, we only got to number 5 and then we bailed, but you might like it…

We’ll leave you with these articles to ponder for this week, but as mentioned above, keep an eye out for our predictions, and then of course in January we can look back at some of last years wins and losses.

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