It’s that time of year again, the one where everyone (including us, but that’s a different post) spits out their collective thoughts and ideas about what is going to happen in the upcoming year with all sorts of things tech oriented…

[Tweet “Will it be the year of mobile (again) or the year of payments (again) or the year of virtual reality?”]

We’ve done the grunt work here and rounded up a number of publication URLs that might give some insight into where things are headed.  Of course these recipes should always be taken with at least a pinch of salt  😉

Every year the entire internet is full of predictions, and in our January update we will take a look at a few that did, or didn’t, prove true for 2015 – 

One thing is for sure – it certainly is fun to check out what other people are thinking and saying, especially given the enormous range of experience and focus that different blogs bring to the table.  Mobile is going to be a critical key in everyone’s plan for next year and beyond, and if you haven’t started working on your strategy yet, you’re already well on the back foot.

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