Slightly older news, but something we wanted to mention – 83 BILLION is a big number, don’t you think?

 Just what is the total spent shopping during the holiday season?

We’ll put the research gang on that and get back to you shortly –

There’s an article in TechCrunch that purports – “Online Holiday Sales To Hit Record $83 Billion, Mobile To Drive Majority Of Visits For First Time”

Anyway, the main reason for highlighting this article is to demonstrate just how much of the commerce is being driven by mobile.  Surpassing desktop for overall viewing share a few months ago, its taking off like wildfire now – so having a mobile first strategy is HUGELY important.

If you’re looking for ideas for how to get started on a mobile first strategy, we’ll suggest that you look at mobile wallet marketing for the first, second, and last ideas you’ll want.  Aside from a responsive web site (which you should have already, remember that pesky Mobilegeddon thing with Google earlier this year?) ,

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(besides paying your taxes) that you’ll do for the business in the coming twelve months.