Canadian Adult Use Cannabis Legalization – Week One Reporting (ep 79)

Nov 14, 2018

Show Notes | Episode 79 | Canadian Adult Use Cannabis Legalization - Week One Reporting | Episode Link URL – | One week after Canadian adult use cannabis laws take effect, we're on the scene in Toronto, Ontario, in order to see what's really going on with marijuana sales and distribution.
Cannabis Culture
Cannabis Culture
Canadian Adult Use Cannabis Legalization - Week One Reporting (ep 79)

Canadian adult use cannabis is finally here.

After some minor delays that required moving the launch date for the legalization, October arrived and folks could commemorate the one year anniversary of Gord Downie’s death with fully legal Canadian adult use cannabis.

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Ok, maybe not everywhere in Canada; maybe not any way you prefer to take your medicine or your fun, either.  Canadian adult use cannabis legalization started a couple of weeks ago, but it’s far from being sorted, settled or simple.

So what’s really going on out there?

In this episode of the podcast, Hazel shares her experiences on the front lines in Toronto – she spent the eve before legalization and the first few days at industry and consumer events, checking out everything from the lines to get into parties celebrating Canadian adult use legalization, to checking in with friends who had all used their office address to have their OCC purchases delivered – all of which arrived, like little holiday boxes of cheer, on the same day.

We’re also talking about the ways the various provinces have implemented the federal law – who has online sales, who has dispensaries, what are some of the restrictions and rules that Canadian adult use cannabis is subject to, according to both the federal and various provincial laws?

What about advertising and promotions?

Ah yes, that old saw…  advertising and promotions are strictly controlled and regulated, mostly at the federal level.  There are ways to advertise Canadian adult use cannabis products – and to be well within the law while doing so – and we’re getting a rundown of what those qualifying bits are in this episode.

Find out how to market, where to market, who you can market to, and who you have to make sure you are not advertising to, along with ways to be compliant and still make sales and boost your branding opportunities.

Let’s wrap this one up!

Packaging and materials are equally important as far as the restrictions, rules and regulations set forth for Canadian adult use cannabis products.  Where, how, how big, how many, how much… these are all super important questions and they have very specific answers in order to be compliant with the federal law.

It’s not impossible to maintain compliance in advertising and packaging; it’s not even difficult, but it does require some creative thinking on the part of brands, cultivators, dispensary operators and so on; the rules are common sense, designed to protect youth from being exposed to cannabis, and still offer plenty of opportunity to promote brands and named products.

So grab your cuppa, vape, whatever, and pop on your headphones, it’s time for a new podcast episode!!!