Social Media Ads Are Disapproved Again?

Nowadays there’s so much noise making it hard for companies to stand out – or even be remembered. Brands using various marketing channels as social media and search results are working harder to be noticed. 

Just as Google changed it algorithms to be more mobile friendly, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have decided to change theirs, as fewer brands strive to exist in their news feed.

Social media only goes so far. Innovation is a driver for success and its time to change up marketing towards mobile – either that or find your company dying just like retail giants are. 


What can you do about it?


Innovate by changing the direction of your traffic with marketing that fits a mobile strategy.  Its fool proof when obtaining your own email and mobile lists – ones that engaged, communicate and adapts easily to where clients are looking – right to a mobile device. 

A mobile strategy is key to success – get on board today


Stop facing the same struggles day in and day out!

 Make this stop happening to your ads:
social media account changes
There’s enough for you to do without battling social media platforms at every turn and then being asked to fill out a satisfaction survey
social media account appeal

Be frustration free – easily develop your own customized pass today, right on any mobile device and start engaging with your audience by 

+ lock screen notifications

+ loyalty program

+ mobile coupons that fluidily move from one promotion to the next